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New Products


We were in ISK-SODEX 2014 Fair

We appeared in ISK-SODEX 2014 Fair with our new products. We participated ISK-SODEX Fair that was organized as 11th times this year, is the third in the world and the only in Turkey and organized between the dates of 07-10 May 2014. In ISK-SODEX Fair that is heating, cooling, air conditioning, ventilation, insulation, pumps, valves, plumbing, water treatment systems and solar systems fair, we introduced our product range, new products and system technologies by meeting with the sector representatives. The interest of the fair participants to our heat meter that we produce within our structure was high. We also introduced M-BUS and RF modules of ultrasonic calorimeters that we approach after R&D studies and will put on sale in the summer season.

We participated in IFAT fair

We took our seat at IFAT 2014 Fair that was organized between the dates of 05-09 May in Munich. In IFAT 2014 being the biggest environment technologies and waste management fair of the world that was exposed to influx of visitors, we brought our products and system solutions together with international sector representatives. We gave detailed information about our single-jet, multi-jet and remote control measurement meters to the visitors of our stand. We drew the attention of international participants with our heat meters that are manufactured by us. Our Executive Board Member Mr. Kemal Altun who expressed his opinions about the fair that they met so many foreign sector representatives and they will continue participating these kinds of fairs in future.

We were together as Teksan family

We morale and share our future plans in the dealers’ meeting that has become a tradition and we organize its tenth one this year. We met with our 150 dealer coming from all four sides of Turkey in Antalya Sueno Hotel. Our dealers participated together with their wives and children to the meeting that was organized between the dates of 23-27 April. It was a big family meeting, we also found opportunity to morale as well as carrying out studies about our new term projects. In the 3rd day of our dealers’ meeting that took place 4 days in Antalya, we made assessment sessions.



We have been giving service as TEKSAN brand in the water meter industry since 1955. Our institution that has brought so many new innovation to its sector is also the first national water meter manufacturer of Turkey.


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